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27d2d96Welcome to The Business of Things! We are embarking on a very exciting time in the world of technology. With enterprise software, mobile apps, and on demand services thriving, Silicon Valley is turning its focus to the future; that is, the Internet of Things. With a vision that we have not seen outside of Hollywood, big businesses and startups alike are maneuvering to put themselves in position to be leaders in the industry of machine to machine communication to create connected people, cars, homes, and cities. With an incredible amount of data at our fingertips, the brilliant minds in Silicon Valley and around the world are figuring out how to turn this data into world changing efficiencies.

With all the technical minds and visionaries working to create a breakthrough in technology, we cannot forget about one important facet that is key to the success of the connected world; business. Every great product needs a great business model backing it in order to succeed. As we move towards the Internet of Things, we need to realize that most end product IoT solutions will require several different hardware and software components. It will be near impossible for one company, especially one startup, to create a complete IoT solution on its own. This is why through this blog, I would like to raise awareness about the need for strategic partnerships in order to create a complete, world changing IoT solution. I plan to steer my postings in a direction that helps people in the business side of the IoT industry, specifically in startups, think strategically about how we can utilize other visionary startups as strategic partners to complete our machine to machine vision.

Every startup owner or head of business entering the Internet of Things must challenge the current approach to the startup business model. I hope you the readers can contribute in the comments section by sharing your experiences and sparking thought provoking discussion about how this can be achieved. I have also added a news section to provide updates on the most recent IoT partnerships, a Bay Area IoT event calendar, and an IoT reading list. My hope is while the masterful technical minds continue to work on technology solutions, this blog can help nudge the business folks to start thinking strategically about how we can effectively support products of this vision through strategic alliances. Enjoy the read, and please provide feedback!


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