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IoT Product Review: WeKey

I received my WeKey keyboard within a couple of days of shipping notification. This product was sent to me for trial by Product Ninja, an online marketplace for new smart devices. When I took the keyboard out of the surprisingly clean packaging, the first thing I noticed was how incredibly light the keyboard is. The setup was very simple, only one press of a button on the keyboard to pair with my iPad. When I first started typing on the keyboard, I struggled a little with how close together the keys were, however I adjusted to the tight spacing after about twenty to thirty minutes.  Their is only so much room to work with on a keyboard the size of an iPad, so no biggie for me!

As I continued to use the keyboard, I noticed myself moving the keyboard around to my lap, to the table, then up in the air. It is just really easy and comfortable to move this keyboard around to a position of comfort due the light weight design. The keyboard weighs about half as much as my iPad cover! I also feel like if I dropped the keyboard, it would be no big deal. The keyboard seems sturdy and does not have any loose keys or buttons. The buttons can be pressed with a light touch, and the keys are just slightly raised above the surface of the keyboard.

I seem to make good use of the functions on the top of the keyboard. I noticed myself using the volume controls and the home button quite a bit, which is key for a tablet. It still bugs me that I cannot use the mouse wheel or camera functions that are staring me down on the keyboard, however this is no fault of WeKey, since Apple has blocked this functionality.

One downside of this keyboard is the materials used struck me as very cheap. I understand that plastic needs to be used to keep the keyboard flexible and light, however the space above the keys remind me of the plastic on a model car that I built as a kid. This area specifically is also susceptible  to fingerprints. Though functionality comes first, it would be nice if the keyboard had a more modern, classy look, especially at its price point.

All in all I would give this keyboard four stars. Though the functionality is similar to that of many tablet keyboards out in the market, I cannot stress how happy it makes me that I can effortlessly move this keyboard around, and do not have to worry about damaging the keyboard. The design makes it truly portably and easy to stuff in my backpack with my iPad. Great job WeKey, I will be using this keyboard with my iPad going forward!

Please also see my WeKey video review on YouTube

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